2017 Cerami Award Winner

Sir Paul Nurse, PhD
Photo credit: Fiona Hanson/AP Images

Molecular Medicine has established the Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine to honor investigators who have created the fundamental innovation necessary for molecular medicine to advance into clinical practice.  The award recognizes leading edge discoveries that have led to improvement of human health, and have opened the door to new therapeutic advances and understanding.
Recipients are investigators who provided the crucial early insight and ideas that are the essence of discovery, creating new fields and research trajectories followed by the persistent clinical investigation that ultimately changes how disease is prevented, diagnosed, and treated. The award celebrates and commemorates the unique attributes of insight, genius, and perseverance that are at the heart of the discovery process.
The recipient receives a $20,000 USD award, and is invited to publish a monograph of their work that inspired or produced the clinical product(s). The monograph represents a unique opportunity to capture the inspirations, insights, surprises, and conceptual advances that are woven into the history of these discoveries, but if left untold, may be lost from the permanent record.
True innovators in medicine and health care are rare, and their stories even more precious.  The Anthony Cerami Award monographs will provide sources of inspiration and insight to subsequent generations, by providing the stories behind the pioneering advances.  The monographs will be written in the first person as an account of the personal experience behind the scientific research.  As described in a narrative format, these articles will provide insight into the driving forces that were at work, the decision points, the scientific/political/social climate, and the key results that changed the future.
Monographs, in the voice of the discoverer, will permanently document their stories and inspire future innovators to advance medicine.
The Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine - an Editorial by Kevin J Tracey, MD