Cerami Award Winner 2017

Sir Paul Nurse, PhD
Photo credit: Fiona Hanson/AP Images
A Journey in Science: Cell-Cycle Control

The seventh Anthony Cerami Award in Translational Medicine will be awarded to Sir Paul Nurse, PhD, director of The Francis Crick Institute. The award is in recognition of his research, which identified protein molecules that control the division (duplication) of cells in the cell cycle currently being examined as a therapy to stop or prevent cancer cell growth.

In his monograph, Dr. Nurse’s writes about how his research led to the critical discovery that the protein, cyclin-dependent protein kinase (CDK), found both in yeast and in human genes, controls the cell cycle or cell growth process. Knowledge of the cell cycle is critical to the treatment of cancer. Most cancers are caused by the uncontrolled cell division due to damage to the controls regulating cell growth and reproduction, or by damage to how the cell replicates and grows. Leading drug companies are utilizing the understanding of the role that CDK plays in cell growth to test new therapies to stop cancer cell growth.

“It is an honor to be recognized as an Anthony Cerami Award winner for my work on CDK and its impact on cancer,” said Dr. Nurse. “When deciding on a course of study, it has been my belief that it is essential to tackle a significant research problem, one that if solved could make a difference. I’m happy to tell my story to inspire investigators on their path to making a difference.”

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