Estradiol’s Salutary Effects on Keratinocytes Following Trauma-Hemorrhage Are Mediated by Estrogen Receptor (ER)-α and ER-β

Fariba Moeinpour, Mashkoor A Choudhry, Luiz F Poli de Figueiredo, Kirby I Bland, and Irshad Chaudry

Sex hormones are known to modulate immune function in animals and humans under normal conditions as well as under stress.  Administration of estrogen following trauma-hemorrhage attenuates the elevation of cytokine production and mitogen-activated protein kinase.  Whether the beneficial effects of estrogen are mediated by estrogen receptor ER-α or ER-β remains unknown. In this work, Moeinpour et al. sought to determine which estrogen receptor was responsible for the salutary effects in a model of trauma-hemorrhage. Using an agonist strategy to isolate receptor subtypes, Moeinpour et al. determined that both ER-α and ER-β contribute to the beneficial effects of estrogen on keratinocytes after trauma-hemorrhage. 

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Posted by Leah Caracappa on Nov 4, 2008 12:00 AM CST