RAGE and Soluble RAGE: Potential Therapeutic Targets for Cardiovascular Diseases

Hidenori Koyama, Hiroshi Yamamoto, and Yoshiki Nishizawa

Receptor for advanced gylcation end-products (RAGE) is associated with macrovascular diabetic complications through regulation of atherogenesis, angiogenic response, vascular injury and inflammatory response.  The significance of RAGE in cardiovascular disease pathogenesis is not confined to diabetic conditions but also plays a role in non-diabetic conditions.  In this review Koyama et al. (625-635) summarize recent findings regarding pathophysiological roles of RAGE and soluble RAGE in cardiovascular disease and discuss their potential usefulness as therapeutic targets and biomarkers for the disease.

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Posted by Leah Caracappa on Dec 5, 2007 12:00 AM CST